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Want to write for us? BizTech Age is a business and technology news website focused on the world of Business and technology. As an independent publication recognized by Google News and Apple News. BizTech Age covers topics such as Business, Technology, Digital Marketing, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and fintech, but is not limited to them.

Would you like to share your marketing expertise with an active target group? Do you have a trending topic, tips or unique insights that will be a topic of conversation?

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Guest Post Policies

  • We like relevant, well-researched articles (preferably a piece covering sub-topics).
  • Your contribution must consist of 100% original and must not have been published yet. Once it’s posted on our website, you can post it on your own blog but include a brief note at the end that the post was originally posted on Bistechage.com and point a link to the original post.
  • All claims must be backed up with links to research or case studies. Do not use quotes from competitors or irrelevant external websites.
  • Include examples, so include relevant images to illustrate your point.

Guest Post Topics We Cover

Our blog aims to help all companies (and especially SMEs) understand and use different technology and production practices.

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Categories Where We Accept Guest Posts:


  • Business
    • Small Business
    • Start-up
  • Technology
    • AI
    • Big Data
    • Blockchain
    • Cloud
    • IoT
    • Machine Learning
    • Robotics
    • Virtual Reality
    • Software
  • Digital Marketing
    • Social media
    • Content marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Marketing automation
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Omnichannel Marketing
    • General marketing tips for different industries
  • Reviews
    • Gadgets
    • Wearables
    • Commercial Devices
  • Infographics


Note: if your topic falls under the business and technology theme and you wanna write for us, let us know your niche.

What we don’t cover:

  • Syndicated content
  • Articles that are too general, editorial, or vague
  • Gambling
  • Casino
  • CBD-related content.

What We Don’t Accept

  • Any part or full plagiarised content
  • Irrelevant Topic
  • Not properly formatted
  • More than 2 contextual links
  • Links to prohibited or irrelevant category websites
  • Absence of at least one image

Editorial Guidelines Before you Get Ready to Write For Us

  • Cover a relevant topic
  • Add at least an internal link
  • Add at least one relevant image
  • Image must be optimized (Size should be under 100KB, keywords must be used in ALT text)
  • Formate your content properly
  • Add relevant external links (Don’t try to change HTML, our script doesn’t allow to change it)
  • Set your author profile by adding a headshot, author bio and social links.
  • To be approved and published fast, Share your article plagiarism status along with a draft URL through email.

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For any issue or query regarding the editorial process, contact us.

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