Social Media

Social media must be fun and safe. We ourselves have a role in this. We call this media literacy.How can you make positive use of social media? How do you deal with risks such as fake news and beautification? And what about your privacy?

How do you use social media positively?

Social media provides the opportunity to interact online with people around the world. You can reach many people via social media. This is interesting for companies, individuals and education. After all, information is distributed free, quickly and like an oil slick.The education is increasingly successful use of social media. For example, to offer the material to students in a varied way.»Inspiring examples of positive use of social media » How do you interact positively on social media? View the file Online manners

Are there also negative aspects?

Social media also have less nice sides. For example, social media can be addictive. Also, nasty messages or fake news can be widely shared quickly.

Social media stress

Social media stress - also known as FOMO - is the continuous use of your smartphone and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.Justine Pardoen wrote a book about this phenomenon, Focus! , full of tips to help your adolescent focus on schoolwork.
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